• Epidemia di Ebola in Congo: guarita bimba infettata di soli 6 giorni

    - Repubblica Congo Dec 16, 2018 | 16:00 pm

    Nella Repubblica Democratica del Congo una bimba, di soli 6 giorni di vita, era stata infettata dal virus Ebola, ed è sopravvissuta alla malattia: lo ...

  • Dear Readers,

    A busy week on the water. We begin with West Africa, where Nigerian pirates have been busy this week. There have been several reported incidents, including at least one fatality which have not been widely publicised, however, the kidnapping of five people from a general cargo ship has made headlines.
    In Southeast Asia, the gang caught mid-hijack of a tanker have received hefty jail terms from the Malaysian courts.
    Moving on to South Africa, there are plans being mooted to create a Coast Guard in South Africa. The move would certainly free up naval assets currently tasked with those duties as well as adding additional security layers to the region.

    The US has again accused Iran of supplying Houthi-Saleh rebels in Yemen with weapon systems capable of attacking ships in the Red Sea.
    Meanwhile, in Europe, the Italian Navy has begun training Libyan Coast Guard and Navy personnel. Migrant numbers have dropped due to reported deals between the Libyan Government of National Accord and the militia groups responsible for migrant smuggling. However, that didn't stop at least one boat which reportedly capsized today with the loss of many lives. The Mediterranean graveyard continues to claim refugee lives.

    David Rider

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